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Parkinson’s Disease – Introduction to “TRAP”

Parkinson’s Disease – Introduction to “TRAP”

Today, we’re going to talk about Parkinson’s Disease (PD), as well as the common characteristics we see in patients with PD.

As a general introduction, we use the acronym “TRAP” to describe the most common changes in movement patterns:

I explain everything in detail in the video above, but here’s a quick overview of TRAP:
• T = Tremors
• R = Rigidity
• A = Akinesia
• P = Posture

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September 2017 Newsletter

This month’s edition is packed full of fun and useful information!

Here’s the complete line-up for the month:

Pg. 1: “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing…”
Pg. 2: Oktoberfest in Spokane Valley
Pg. 3: Our Weekend at Valleyfest (plus pumpkin pudding recipe)
Pg. 4: Lose Weight by Eating 75% Fat?

The downloadable link for the digital version of the newsletter is below:

– September 2017 Newsletter Digital Version

And if you’d rather read all the newsletter content on this page, all 4 of the articles are posted below. Enjoy 🙂

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Nobody Cares About Back Pain (and Sciatica)

Nobody Cares About Back Pain (and Sciatica)

Last weekend, I hosted a “Back Pain & Sciatica” workshop at the clinic.

During the course of the workshop, we covered a lot of information, including the following:

Basic anatomy of the spine
Common causes of back pain and sciatica
The top 3 causes and what they each look like
Successful treatment

When we started talking about how to eliminate lower back pain and sciatica, I introduced the “3 Phases of Recovery”, which include:
Reduce Pain & Inflammation
Improve Strength and Flexibility
Return to Activity (plus prevent future injury)

As we went through these phases of recovery, and important point occurred to me: Nobody actually cares about back pain!

You might think this sounds strange, but let me tell you, the 10 people in the audience all nodded their heads in agreement.

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“No Pain, No gain” – How this mentality will leave you stuck with pain!

“No Pain, No gain” – How this mentality will leave you stuck with pain!

This week, I had the pleasure of working with one of our close family friends in the clinic.

I’m going to call her “Susie” in today’s email and blog. Here’s her quick story:

= = = = =

Susie is a very active lady, even at roughly 70 years old.

She enjoys talking long walks with her husband, hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing with the grandkids.

Not bad, huh?!

Unfortunately, Susie’s been struggling with some pain in her right hip and buttocks over the last year or so.

The pain comes and goes, but has gotten more consistent over the last couple months, and it’s now starting to limit some of her favorite activities.

And I hate to say this 4-letter word in October, but the SNOW is on its way, and Susie wants to be prepared for skiing and snowshoeing!

Susie tried some physical therapy treatments a couple months ago (at another clinic), and her pain relief was only temporary at best.

And on Thursday, she decided I’d nagged her enough that she’d let me try to help her with what we now refer to as her “pain in the butt.”

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