At the Gordon Physical Therapy, we offer a multi-disciplinary approach to our patients’ care. We provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and massage therapy services to people in Spokane Valley.  With comprehensive physical therapy, we can address injuries to the body and work to reduce pain, restore motion and strength, and improve function.  We also offer occupational therapy, where developing the skills to perform activities of daily living, as well as the specific activities needed for work, are the primary goal.  In addition to these services, we offer massage therapy for both medical and relaxation purposes.

Gordon Physical Therapy has short wait times because we know that when you need treatment, you need it without a delay. With our friendly and experienced therapists, you will be putting your care into the right hands immediately.


Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is used to address pain, mobility, weakness, and decreased function caused by a wide variety of injuries.

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Occupational Therapy


The activities of daily living, as well as the actions you perform at work, are what occupational therapy (OT) is focused on. Hands, wrists, and elbows that have been injured may not be as strong or well controlled as they need to be. Fine motor control may also be compromised, and occupational therapy can help you to regain the skills you need for daily living.

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Massage Therapy


At Gordon Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of massage services to our clients, including therapeutic massage to treat injuries as well as relaxation massage.  Our therapeutic massage is used to target specific regions to relax muscles, promote healing, and decrease pain.

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