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John Beck

“I’ve been going to Gordon PT off and on for several years. They are a great crew who try to keep treatment exercises simple, yet effective. On my last round I saw every PT and got many great ideas on getting my aching knee back in action. I highly recommend this team. I’ve been to others that don’t have this magic touch.”

Tal Mashat

“So happy I found Gordon Physical Therapy!

I have been dealing with a few issues and KayLynn has really helped on both fronts. The location is convenient, open concept office, and staff are very prompt, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

I am stickler for being on time and these guys are always on time which is so nice!

In addition to the therapy received in the office, you could also expect some “home work,” at least in my case. This is great because they teach you how to maintain your improvements and be self-sufficient with your recovery. Scheduling has been very easy..I can always find a time that works for me.

Again, Thanks so much to KayLynn and team for helping me get through a couple of painful problems!

You guys Rock and High Recommend!”

Brianna Miller

“I recommended many friends and family to Gordon PT before even being a client because of their family feel and their great relationship building with clients. Now that I have been a successful patient myself I am so pleased and will continue to send as many people as I can. I came in with a slightly rare ankle injury and I was so worried that as an active young person I would be plagued by chronic pain from this injury forever but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I start feeling better after a short time, but after my full recovery time I am hiking and running again at full strength. I am SO grateful to my PT Luke and all the employees at Gordon PT for being so upbeat, professional, and just dang-good at their jobs! THANK YOU!!”

Elizabeth Casteel

“These people are amazing! Not only are they very proficient in their skill sets, but their customer service is bar none. I went for PT on my new knee and now my painful neck. They never fail to make me feel welcome and to make me smile. No matter how much pain I may be I always leave feeling that my day just got better. I am a firm believer that skills can be learned but customer service sets you apart.”

Domino Tower

“I’ve been to Gordon PT for different issues, Very good experience from the staff ,, whether on the phone in a cry of pain, or handling my whole schedule !! Gordon’s has met my needs and then some ,to Dr. Tara Greene and Her wonderful wisdom to the home therapy routines She has organized for me,,, Robert’s good ice advice this year has help me through so much,, and getting those E-mails from Luke are great,,,,
Thank You so much, Gordon Physical Therapy….!!!”

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