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Aquatic Therapy Coming in April!
Mar. 6, 2015

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be launching an aquatic therapy program April 1st!  Our program will be offsite at Evergreen Fountains, which is located on Evergreen just south of I-90.

We hope to provide our patients in the Spokane Valley with another valuable therapy option, especially those patients who can’t tolerate land-based therapy.  The primary diagnoses we expect to treat include:

•Traumatic fractures (limited weight bearing)

•Orthopedic and back surgeries (TKAs, lumbar fusions)

•Balance difficulties (including neurological and obesity)

•Complex pain and MVAs

Our goal is provide a safe environment for these patients and allow them to transition to land-based therapy and functional exercise.  Call us today to schedule an appointment in the pool!

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