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Why My “PT Skills” Don’t Matter!

Why My “PT Skills” Don’t Matter!

Not too long ago, I published a blog that was a tribute to my Dad, who recently retired from his full-time work at the clinic. If you had a chance to read about the 4 biggest things I’ve learned while working with my Dad, you may have noticed that I never mentioned anything about his “therapy skills”. Instead, I talked about how he taught me the importance of treating patients like family, going the extra mile, and showing people how much you care (before showing them how much you know…).

Does this mean that my Dad wasn’t a skilled therapist, or that he didn’t pass on some valuable treatment techniques? Not at all. It just means that, in my opinion, the other things he taught me have been more valuable to my growth as a PT than any of the PT skills he taught me. Does that make sense?

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4 Lessons I Learned from my Dad in the Last 11 Years

Recently, I published an article in the newspaper as a tribut to my Dad, highlighting 4 key lessons he’s taught me over the last 11 years.

This article was inspired by my Dad’s recent retirment from the clinic in the fall of 2018. I had such a warm response to this article that I wanted to share it in it’s complete text here on the blog page.

Below is the full text of the article. I hope you enjoy it!

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“Neck Pain & Headaches” Workshop 1-17-19 (full video of live event)

“Neck Pain & Headaches” Workshop 1-17-19 (full video of live event)

Just in case you couldn’t make it to this live event at the clinic, I recorded the entire workshop!

I start things off by talking about the 4 structures that can cause neck pain and headaches…

And then we move on to the top 3 reasons these structures get aggravated.

After that, I discuss successful treatment options (for lasting pain relief).

In addition, there are quite a few good questions and stories from the audience. So if you’re suffering from neck pain, with or without headaches, the information in the video should really help!

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Your Goals & Making Plans

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Setting Your Goals & Making Plans

I hope you survived the holidays and are starting the New Year with a positive mindset 🙂

Like many people, you’ve probably started to think about what you’d like to achieve or change in the coming year.

This could include any variety of aspects of your life, such as losing weight, exercising more, learning a new skill, joining a club, spending more time with your spouse or kids, etc.

But before you start establishing your goals and making any definite plans, I have some information I’d like to share with you:

Have you ever heard the expression “start with WHY” before?​

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Self-Correction Technique for SI Joint Pain (Anterior Rotation)

Sacro-Iliac Joint (SIJ) pain can be tricky to treat at times, and it’s often overlooked by doctors and physical therapists alike.

This is because changes in the alignment of the SI joints won’t typically show up on imaging, such as x-rays or MRIs.

Instead, we use different techniques to diagnose SIJ pain, such as your pelvic landmarks and leg lengths.

When this information is combined with your physical exam, we can usually narrow down the alignment of the SI joints, and from there we can figure out how to get you back in good alignment and out of pain.

And while this is difficult to do on your own at home, I wanted to share an effective treatment technique for the most common type of SIJ pain we see, which is an anterior rotation.

In the video, I’ll explain how to assess your pelvic alignment, and then I’ll go into the technique.

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