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3 Steps to Maintain Balance & Avoid a Fall

3 Steps to Maintain Balance & Avoid a Fall

While there are multiple factors that affect your ability to maintain your balance and prevent a fall, it’s nice to look at the bigger picture before diving into the details.

And when it comes to maintaing balance, you can basically break it down into 3 things that you must do:

Sense your balance in relationship to your environment
Process this information via your brain
Respond and make necessary corrections

Each step involves various factors, which I’ll cover briefly in today’s video.

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Balance & Fall Prevention for Parkinson’s Disease

On 4-28-18, I had the pleasure of presenting this information at the HOPE conference for Parkinson’s Disease.

The presentation includes a variety of information about how to improve balance and mobility, as well as some specific information about Parkinson’s Disease.

If you have any more specific questions about balance, mobility and fall prevention, or questions about specific exercises for Parkinson’s, feel free to email me at


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Parkinson’s Disease – Introduction to “TRAP”

Parkinson’s Disease – Introduction to “TRAP”

Today, we’re going to talk about Parkinson’s Disease (PD), as well as the common characteristics we see in patients with PD.

As a general introduction, we use the acronym “TRAP” to describe the most common changes in movement patterns:

I explain everything in detail in the video above, but here’s a quick overview of TRAP:
• T = Tremors
• R = Rigidity
• A = Akinesia
• P = Posture

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4 Simple Home Exercises to Improve Your Balance

4 Simple Home Exercises to Improve Your Balance

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, for a variety of reasons…
I love to watch all the new buds on the trees and shrubs… the strawberry patch perks up overnight, and the wife and kids and I head to the garden to plant our early-season seeds (radishes, carrots, kale, spinach, lettuce, chard…)
And while I’m outside running around and enjoying myself, I can’t help but think about those people who would like to be outside as well but really don’t end up getting out much.

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Understanding the 3 Balance Systems

Having a slip and fall can be a life-altering event. In the short-term, these accidents usually lead to some nasty injuries, such as broken hips, concussions, and broken wrists, just to name a few.

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