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How Heel Pain Causes Hip & Knee Pain

How Heel Pain Causes Hip & Knee Pain

Let me tell you a quick story about a gal who recently came to see me for her left knee pain…
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Moriah started experiencing pain on the outside of her left knee about 3 months ago. When I spoke with her about her knee pain, she told me that it probably had something to do with her new job, which requires her to be on her feet all day and to lift up to 50# at times.
What I didn’t tell you about Moriah is that she’s had 5 previous right ankle surgeries, so I’ve worked with her quite a few times before. Naturally, I asked her how her right ankle was feeling…
“It feels awful, and I can barely walk on it at times” was her response!

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Best Taping Technique to Relieve Heel Pain Instantly

Best Taping Technique to Relieve Heel Pain Instantly

If you’ve been following some of my recent blogs about heel pain, you’ve heard me talk all about the various types of heel pain, what causes it, and what you can do about it.
Since heel pain can be tricky to get rid of at times, successful treatment often requires a combined approach, including a mix of the following:
• Stretches
• Proper footwear
• Hands-on therapy
• Custom orthotics
• Night splints
Up until now, I really haven’t talked about one additional component: taping.

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The Single Best Hands-On Treatment for Heel Pain

The Single Best Hands-On Treatment for Heel Pain

If you’re a bit like me, this warmer weather has you excited to kick off your shoes and slide into your flip-flops or sandals!
Or better yet, if you’re a lot like me, you’re ready to go barefoot…
And there’s only one thing that might stop you: heel pain!
For most people with heel pain, wearing a supportive pair of shoes helps to relieve the pain, especially if the shoes have good arch support.
So while wearing these supportive shoes is a good solution, their heel pain rears its ugly head as soon as they switch their footwear (or go without).
Even if you’ve tried the other treatment techniques and stretches outlined in my previous blog posts, you might still be running into some barriers with your heel pain.
And if you can’t get over the hump with your heel, this hands-on technique may be exactly what you need to eliminate your heel pain once and for all.

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