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Taping: Is it Helpful, or Will You Become Dependent on It?

Taping: Is it Helpful, or Will You Become Dependent on It?

If you ask 10 physical therapists or chiropractors about taping, you’ll probably get 10 different opinions about it…

Some would tell you that taping is great, others might say it’s okay in certain situations, and a few might even tell you they don’t like it…

So which is it?

Is taping actually helping you with your recovery, or is it just a “crutch”?

As you can probably guess, I certainly have my own opinion on the topic (hence the blog post and video!).

And as you can imagine, I tend to think my opinions are correct (it’s human nature, right?!).

Here’s my opinion in a nutshell:

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Simple Ergonomic Tips to Reduce Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headaches

If you work in an office and end up sitting for 6 or more hours a day, you’re probably familiar with tension and pain in your neck and shoulders.

Often times this will lead to headaches, especially if you work in front of a computer.

Lower back pain is also very common for office workers, due to the amount of compressive pressure on the joints and discs.

During this presentation, I lay out a simple 3-step process to adjust your workstation to help you reduce these types of pain.

And I also share 4 other simple tips to help you keep things like back pain, neck pain and headaches at bay. Enjoy!

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“Do I Need an MRI?”

“Do I Need an MRI?”

This is one of the most common questions the therapists and I get at clinic on a weekly basis, second only to “What’s going on, and can you fix it?” And while the answer varies depending on the situation, I’m going to do my best to answer the MRI question for you today.

Here’s the simple answer: No, you don’t necessarily need an MRI.

Now let me explain: Let’s say you’ve been having shoulder pain for several months, and you suspect that you have a rotator cuff (RC) tear. It might make sense to get an MRI to see if you do in fact have a tear, especially if you think you might need surgery.

But before you opt for the MRI, stop and consider a few things…

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How Your Shoulder Causes Neck Pain & Headaches

How Your Shoulder Causes Neck Pain & Headaches

Years ago, I was working with a young man who had upper neck pain, as well as constant headaches…let’s call him Nick.

Nick was about 24 years old and a high school music teacher. We was having significant neck pain and headaches along the left side of his neck, up towards his skull.

After working with Nick for about 3 weeks, he just wasn’t getting better, despite my best efforts to treat his irritated muscles.

And it wasn’t until he had a consult with a different PT that I realized that I was missing something: his shoulder was the ROOT CAUSE of his neck pain.

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