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“Stay Healthy Spokane” Podcast

Episode 7: “8 Natural Ways to Reduce Pain & Inflammation” (Part 2)

Luke is back with part 2 of this topic, sharing 4 additional natural strategies you can use to reduce pain and inflammation, without relying on medications (or at least not as your first option).

Episode 6: “8 Natural Ways to Reduce Pain & Inflammation” (Part 1)

In his first solo full-length episode, Luke shares some key insights into how he helps his clients reduce their levels of pain and inflammation naturally. During this episode, he shares the first 4 strategies, and the next 4 will be covered in Part 2 (8 strategies total).

Episode 5: “A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils” w/ Cori Noll

Cori Noll with doTerra joins the show to discuss the health benefits of using essential oils. As the title implies, the discussion was geared towards people who are looking to get started with essential oils but want to know more about the common oils, as well as some easy ways to use them. Cori provides some awesome beginner’s information!

Episode 4: “How to Live Well with Parkinson’s Disease” w/ Dr. Jason Aldred

Dr. Jason Aldred, neurologist and Parkinson’s expert, joins the podcast to discuss how people with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) can still live an active and enjoyable life. The podcast covers for main topics: early signs and symptoms of PD (including diagnosis), treatment options (natural and medical), other issues related to PD, and additional resources and research in the field.   Click the link for more details and show notes!

Episode 3: “Soil Health & Nutrition” with Jenny Stuchell

Jenny Stuchell, nutrition enthusiast and owner of Pantry Fuel, joins the podcast to discuss how “soil health” has an impact on the nutrition of the foods we eat. She also shares her journey to creating Pantry Fuel, which prepares delicious meals for people who don’t always have the time or energy to cook nutrient-dense meals. Click the link for more details and show notes!

Episode Two: “All About Natural Medicine” with Dr. Lindsay Donahue

Dr. Lindsay Donahue (Naturopath) joins the show to discuss the ins and outs of natural medicine, as well as sharing some simple and effective ways to maximize your health. A great start to the “Stay Healthy Spokane” podcast!  

Episode One: Welcome to the “Stay Healthy Spokane” Podcast!

Welcome to the very first episode of the “Stay Healthy Spokane” podcast, hosted by Dr. Luke Gordon, physical therapist and owner of Gordon Physical Therapy. This podcast is dedicated to helping people in and around the Spokane region stay as active and healthy as possible, while avoiding things like painkillers and more invasive medical procedures…

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