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Taping: Is It Helpful, or Will You Become “Dependent” On It?

Sept 7, 2018

If you ask 10 physical therapists or chiropractors about taping, you’ll probably get 10 different opinions about it…

Some would tell you that taping is great, others might say it’s okay in certain situations, and a few might even tell you they don’t like it…

So which is it?

Is taping actually helping you with your recovery, or is it just a “crutch”?

As you can probably guess, I certainly have my own opinion on the topic (hence the blog post and video!).

And as you can imagine, I tend to think my opinions are correct (it’s human nature, right?!).

Here’s my opinion in a nutshell:

  • Yes, taping can be very useful during the rehab/recovery process.
  • And yes, people can become dependent on it, especially if they don’t figure out how to treat the underlying issue.

In the video, I’ll go into more detail about how taping can be used to help you with your recovery process, and I’ll use taping the knee as a great example.

I hope you enjoy today’s topic! If you have any other questions about things like knee pain or shoulder/neck pain (which typically benefit from using tape), head over to our website for more resources:

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