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Yoga for Beginners (Multiple Videos)

May 15, 2020

Are you new to yoga and looking for some “beginner’s advice” about the basic breathing techniques and movement patterns?

If so, then the 6 yoga videos on this page are just for you!

Check them out below, and let our yoga guru, Sandy Nolting, show you the basics!

And for more info on our yoga classes at Gordon Physical Therapy, visit this page:

Yoga Video #1 – Breath Awareness

Yoga Video #2 – Joint Freeing Series

Yoga Video #3 – Breath Awareness + Joint Freeing Series

Video #4 – Gentle Lying Down Sequence

Yoga Video #5 – Gentle Standing Sequence (Sun Salutation)

Yoga Video #6 – “Savasana” (aka Corpse Pose)

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